The Sidetrack is the "official" newsletter of the Palo Alto Model Railroad club. While there have been many "editors" of the Sidetrack, most of them get sidetracked themselves on other projects, and others take over where they left off. Usually three or four different club members work to contribute to each issue. Publication follows a rather sporadic schedule, as you can see below.

About the format... All of the issues are bitmapped gifs of the original laid-out pages. Conversion to HTML was attempted, but we were displeased with the results. So, as a result, each page of our newsletters is a 17k gif image. If anyone needs the text version for any reason, feel free to e-mail us at One of us will get back to you shortly. Please do not use the contact information available in the archives - it is old and outdated.

In the archives below, you will notice that many of the issues have "holes" in them. This is because in the original early printed versions, there were cartoons in those spots that were not part of the computer printout - they were pasted in later.

Back issues:

  • Volume 2, number I - May 1991

  • Volume 3, number I - February 1992
  • Volume 3, number II - April 1992
  • Volume 3, number III - June 1992
  • Volume 3, number IV - September 1992

  • Volume 4, number I - March 1993
  • Volume 4, number II - April 1993

  • Volume 5, number I - April 1994

  • Volume 7, number I - January 1996

  • Volume 8, number I - March 1997

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