Palo Alto Model Railroad Club        January 1996        Volume 7, Number 1

Two Club Members Go World-Wide

If you haven't seen them yet, you must the next time you sit down at your computer. Paul Bartz ("Mr. G") and Rich Prillinger have created their own World Wide Web pages.Both of their pages include a link to a brief history of the PAMRRC. Paul's also includes some nice photographs that Stan took on his vacation this summer (one is shown in this issue). Rich's includes some very nice pyrotechnics (which he claims to have created himself) and a cute picture of him. Both are continually expanding and offer an interesting array of subjects. Paul's address is: and Rich's is: I highly recommend that you check them out.

Will it Finally Happen?
The Turntable Saga Continues...

Granville and West Yard
Receive New Throttles

In case you hadn't noticed, Dave has been spending the last few weeks underneath West Yard working on his turntable. So far he has installed a frisbee with many holes in it and made it go around by connecting a power supply. To paraphrase a March 1993 article by Rich Prillinger, 'After much mocking, he spent the whole night working on it' when Mick came back for vacation. So, in conclusion, it might actually happen! Well...maybe. Okay, but it COULD happen. So it's a long shot, but I needed to fill this space up with SOMETHING! Dave finally installed his remote controlled throttle for Granville a couple of months ago. It was faulty at first, but he managed to get most of the bugs out. It's range of about 30 feet was tested by Scott Mcghee, who quickly learned that you're supposed to test things like that by starting close to the receiver and moving away from it, not by starting in front of the Terman Apartments. Dave also built a non-remote throttle for West Yard, despite Mick's ill faith in his SCR design. It has worked perfectly ever since he installed it, but it still doesn't operate off of the layout's power supply.

Coach Yard: It's Getting There

News Briefs...

Brian and Chris finally got the Coach Yard panel in AND working! Though there is still no track power or scenery, it should be up and running soon. --Rich is a freshman at Cal Poly this year.
--Mick is in his last year at Cal Poly.
--There is a new club roster available from Stan.

Mr. G Is Back!

Club Quiz V

Yes that's right, Paul Bartz is back in town, and he has freshly grown two new tentacles from his chin. On most Friday nights you may now find him groaning and swearing while he strains his back trying to finish lower Herring. 1.Identify this noise and it's source: Guugghhaaacckk!
2. Freezer re-whitening.
3. You can't get me with that joke any more, you #!%$.
4. The originator of the dribble can.
5. The first dribble can victim.
6. Help! I have a megaphone stuck on my mouth!
7. My mommy won't let me drive MY own damn car.
Contributions: The following members have, in some way, contributed to this edition of The Sidetrack: Brian Pietsch, Stan Bielfelt, Dave Chambers.

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