Vol 8, No. 1    Newsletter of the Palo Alto Model Railroad Club    March, 1997
PAMRRC gets a serious amount of work done

Ever since Dave Chambers suggested months ago that the existing layout be torn down and rebuit, there has been a renewed interest in the layout. Members Blaine Ashley and his friend have busily sceniced the homasote along the mainline near Granville, while Paul Bartz has continued his work on Lower Herring. Dave, as always, has continued to work at a feverish pace on the CMRI project, as well as some hardware for Jack Parker's Layout. Rich has been painting, trying to cover some of the heinous yellow paint that the main room has been covered with for the last century or two. Chris Hutcheson, otherwise known as the B.B.*, has torn up center section. Mick returned last week from a long absence to continue working on the Optimized Detector Board Installations around the layout. "It's heartening to see such a renewed interest in the club" says Dave Chambers, counselor. The prospect of a new layout has inspired members to bring the current layout to a form of completion before we tear it down and start over."
Paul Bartz made a 3 dimensional acrylic model which helps to give a visual idea of how the new mushroom layout will fit into the existing room. There is a VRML version of the new layout available online, also due to the hard work of Paul. Layout plans are currently under review.
Club members online

In addition to the club we site located at http://www.pamrrc.org/, several members have their own personal pages on the internet. They can be found at:

http://members.aol.com/mickracer/home.htm - Mick's Page,
http://members.aol.com/DLChambers - Dave's Page. http://www.calpoly.edu/~bpietsch/ - Brian's Page, and
http://www.best.com/~richp/ - Rich's Page.

Brian's page may be reachable, but you won't be able to write him at the e-mail address posted.
Work Schedule

The PAMRRC works every Friday night. We run trains on the third Friday of each month, and visitors are always welcome. If you have any questions, contact one of us, either by e-mail or via telephone - (415) 949-5418.
Spring Show coming soon - GET TO WORK!!!

It's already mid-March, and that leaves less than 2 months until our regular show dates! With less than 8 meetings left, we have lots to do, the main thing being to make the layout fully operational, and to clean the place up. Anything anyone can do to contribute to those ends, please do it. And don't start any new projects unless they are one night projects, or are not critical to the function or appearance of the layout.

Mick Returns

Scott McGhee has recently permanently returned from a 3 year stint at Cal Poly SLO. After graduating in December, Mick stayed a few extra months in order to "play for the last time in my life" before getting a real job. He actually spent the past 3 months coaching soccer and watching Barney.
Club Quiz, Bonus Round!
Members from the past
(fill in the blanks, extra credit for answering BONUS! question)

16. Um, I want to make the station double-ended.
    BONUS! What was his dad's nickname?
15. Got a picture of him doing the Fairy Dance
    BONUS! What was he holding?
14. Eugene asked him for the wiring plans to a U25
    BONUS! The old tape player ate his tape of what rock group?
13. "Yeah, let's hold elections. I'll be President"
    BONUS! Which current member LOVES to talk about him?
12. Vehemently denied that it was his mascara
    BONUS! What did his key to the club really do?
11. Dad held him upside down off a Freeway overpass
    BONUS! Why?
10. When he asked if he could join, Dave told him "no".
    BONUS: Who did he blame all his bad work on?
 9. Spike test
    BONUS! What was his dad's reaction?
 8. The PUKE brothers (name 'em)
    BONUS! What did the GP1000 make a mockery of?
 7. What? What?
    BONUS! Put what back?
 6. "I got my GED - it's the same as a diploma"
    BONUS! Is it the same?
 5. His forehead itched. He scratched it with a screwdriver. (Honorary member)
    BONUS! Name the structure that was built just for him
 4. Parents locked him in his room for entire Senior year so he'd study
    BONUS! What was his one and only locomotive?
 3. Air Guitar Yard
    BONUS: Who was his summer school teacher?
 2. Bungee Train
    BONUS! Color and type of of loco with turn signals
 1. Gonna be a Cal Northern Engineer
    BONUS! Name 7 leghounds

This issue made possible by the writings of Dave Chambers and Rich Prillinger.

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