What happened to the PAMRRC?

After 33 years of being a part of the Parks and Recreation department of the City of Palo Alto, the city has given us until April 30th, 1999 to vacate our current location at 655 Arastradero Road, room 35. We have been at this location for 16 years now, and in the last month it has formally come to our attention that we will no longer be a part of the city's Park and Recreation department, and have been given no assistance in finding a new home for our club.

So, regrettably, at this time the future of our club is unknown. Our last show was a final farewell to the visitors who have enjoyed seeing our layout for the last 33 years. It is a great dissappointment to the members of the club, and we can only hope that one day we may find another location so that we may once again convene to share in a common interest -- to build a newer, better, layout that we, and many others, can enjoy for years to come.

If you wish to voice your opinion on this matter, the City of Palo Alto can be reached at city_council@city.palo-alto.ca.us. Further contact information is at http://www.city.palo-alto.ca.us/whomtocall/contactcouncil.html, although it's pretty much a done deal at this point. If you know of any potential new locations for a Model Railroad club in the area, please let us know. Any leads at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

						-PAMRRC members

Left to right: Stan, Mike, Paul, Rich, Brian, Dave, Dan, Chris, Scott. Not pictured: Brian II

The PAMRRC members pose for a final group picture before layout demolition.